What helps you grow taller

What helps you to grow tallerIf you’re looking to grow taller, there are a few things you can do, whatever your age.
The only things you need, are a desire to change up your routine and commit to new exercise regimes or diets. If you’re still under the age of 25, you’re in luck. Your body is still growing, including its bones, which will make the process of adding a little extra height that much easier!

What helps you  grow taller? To begin with, let’s work on these 3 key areas:

  • Increasing the flexibility of your joints and movement.
  • Boosting your diet with healthy fruit, vegetables and supplements.
  • Using exercise to improve your posture over time.

To begin discovering what helps you grow taller, let’s look at diet first, then onto some exercise regimes than help too. All the information here I discovered myself, as a sufferer of short height, I made it a personal quest to discover ways to improve my posture and height. These tips are the results of that work.

Vegetables And Fruit

Yes I know, this sounds completely generic and not useful at all. There’s some method in my madness, backed up by research I did at medical school:

  • Eating healthy helps you give 100% to your exercise regime.
  • You obtain some important vitamins too, Vitamin D and Zinc are two good ones.

At the start, just eat a healthy diet, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. When your exercise regime really starts to pay dividends and your posture improves, then start taking supplements too. I really recommend you take:

  • Extra calcium.
  • Zinc if you feel you’re not getting enough.

It’s so important  to try and get your diet sorted before you begin to exercise. By doing one and not the other you’ll dilute the benefits and might not intake enough vitamins to help your body grow new height. what helps you grow tallerAll these vitamins and minerals are completely natural. I would avoid anything non-natural because you just don’t know what’s inside! Keep away from processed foods and most certainly avoid anything associated with a junk food lifestyle. If you’re taking any medication, read the instructions and ensure you’re not taking any steroid based meds. Steroids are a disaster for any type of height gain routine, try to steer clear of them if at all possible. If you do find you’re taking a steroid based medication, please see your doctor.


Many people, when looking for what helps you  grow taller, assume it’s all about magic supplements and drugs. My own personal research whilst a student discovered otherwise. Becoming taller is all about diet and exercise, targeting the bit of your body you want to change the most.

 Swimming is a good hobby to take up as it stretches your body. It also impacts your body less than traditional exercise, compressing your body less yet allowing your joints and bones to move. I started swimming a few years ago and although I can’t swim any more, I would if I could.

Monkey bar exercises are good too, I discovered the benefits of monkey bar exercises about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. They’re absolutely key to gaining height as they stretch out your joints, muscles and bones.

The most important form of exercise I discovered though, is Yoga and Pilates. A large component of Yoga and Pilates if stretching, a hugely beneficial thing if you’re trying to grow taller.

Yoga poses are still something I do years after my research. I don’t attend classes any more purely because I’ve created my own routine that takes the best parts of Yoga and Pilates and mixes them together. You can purchase Yoga matts quite cheaply on eBay or Amazon. If you are looking for a step by step guide to grow taller(exercises, vitamins, what foods to eat..) then check out this ebook.

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