Is it possible to grow taller?

Unfortunately, many shorter people tend to feel they’re “missing out” on life. The simple “act” (Well, sort of) of being tall is a physical trait that’s desirable in many cultures, leaving the more vertically challenged out there a bit annoyed!

I know how this feels, as a younger man, I really struggled with my height and found myself find it hard to cope as a teenager. It was only when I became a studeIs it possible to grow tallernt and begun to study height, height loss and more importantly, is it possible to grow taller that I discovered there are some things you can do about it.If you’re under 25 then it’s most certainly possible. For most people in this age bracket, their bones have not fully grown by this stage so there’s some small changes you can make to reach your absolute full height.

If you’re over 25, then you can’t change your physical make-up any more. However, as a guy in his mid 20’s I really put lots of effort into researching things you can do once puberty is well behind you. I discovered that a slight change in approach makes it possible to grow taller.

So What Does Affect Height?

There are a number of things that determine height in the average human being. Typically, these are split in to two groups:

  • Genetic (Things you can’t change)
  • Non- Genetic (Where you can make the difference)

It’s the non-genetic factors I spent all my time researching:

So is it possible to grow taller after 25? Yes it is.

Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Whilst asleep, your body is busy repairing, growing and developing your body. The general rule, backed up by my own research, is that between 8 and 10 hours is perfect for healthy growth.

I now swear by a routine where getting about 10 hours of sleep each night is key. This takes your bodies repair and growth capabilities to the next level and really does make a difference. If you measure yourself before bed and when you get up in the morning you’ll really notice a difference!Is it possible to grow taller

The reason why sleep is so important for growth, is that our brains release a chemical called HGH (Human Growth Hormone) during REM sleep. This hormone is very important, as it helps your body repair, re-grow and get your body ready for the next day.

To start benefiting from a good nights sleep. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening and set a particular time to go to bed and start settling down for the night

Eating More Vitamins

Whatever age you are, eating healthy should be an important goal anyway. However, if you’re trying to enhance your body and help it become taller, there’s a particular set of vitamins and minerals you really should ensure consume.

  • Vitamin D – This vitamin is essential for healthy bone development, part of the reason why vitamin D is so important for child development. If you want to increase your intake of vitamin D, consuming eggs, fish, milk, pork and mushrooms are all great ways to do it.
  • Calcium – The classic mineral we all think of when trying to treat bone issues. Calcium has been an important treatment for osteoporosis for years now and if it’s good enough to help older people stave off brittle bones, then it’s also perfect for those who want to form healthy, hopefully longer bones too. As for where to start, milk and dairy products are the best way to consume calcium, tablets are also available if you feel you’re not obtaining enough calcium too.
  • Zinc – helps promote your bodies development in a number of ways, making is easily one of our top minerals to take each day for a healthy height. Zinc tablets are available from your local pharmacy.

Eating healthily on it’s own won’t make it possible to grow taller, yet if you couple that will exercise, stretching and gently improving your posture I’ve found it becomes your reality.

Exercise Is Good, Even Better If You’re Stretching

Regular exercise is always a good idea, yet there’s some really awesome sports you can take part in to help promote a taller frame. This sounds silly, but there’s somways to increase your heighte serious science behind why you’ll grow taller by playing sports.
When working out, your body slightly damages with each stress, strain or muscle repetition. This damage releases a chemical that alerts your body, giving it the message to improve that part of the body.

That’s how bodybuilders become larger and also how athletes develop stronger bones and joints. For the average Joe who’s looking to improve their stature, exercise can help improve your bones, joints and correct poor posture – a way that people can look taller instantly!

Over the years I’ve tried loads of different sports and exercise regimes. Yet I always come back to my main ones, they just seem to work:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Swimming

What To Keep Away From

Good, you’ve improved your diet, taken all the nutrients you need and are taking part in activities that give all your joints and posture a good work out. That’s not the full story though, you’ll also need to steer clear of a number of things to avoid undoing all your good work!

Alcohol is the most obvious thing to stay away from. It stunts growth for babies during pregnancy and the exact same physiology is at play every time you have a drink. Especially steer clear of alcohol if you’re under 25, the age when most of your adult height is “grown”. Certain other drugs are important to keep away from too. Steroids are known to slow bone growth in people under 18, plus they come with all sorts of other issues that will destroy any of the benefits a healthy diet, minerals and supplements might bring.

Other drugs to stay away from are marijuana, cocaine, LSD and other types of medication that could contain steroids. (Ask your physician for advice) I’d always advise that you stop smoking straight away, as it dampens your bone and joint repair capability and worsens other factors that will ruin your capability to grow properly.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is also important to help grow taller. Sitting tends to “squash” your back muscles and spine, pushing them down. This has a double effect which causes you to loose height during the day.

  • Your spine and body “squashes” during the day, loosing height.
  • Your posture will almost certainly worsen with sedentary lifestyle.

One top tip I’ve discovered, is to sleep more if you’re sedentary during the day. This allows your back to repair and get back to its normal height overnight.


More Tips

During my time as a medical student, I researched height and how different factors effect it over the course of a few years. So is it possible to grow taller? I found that although difficult, it’s definitely possible to grow taller.

By changing up your diet, taking regular exercise and beginning to perform stretching exercises or Yoga, you can make a real impact and at the very least, improve your posture. If you would like to read more about natural methods click here. This ebook offers a complete step by step solution to increase your height. All the tips are natural and the book is a handy aid if you’re trying to overcome height issues.

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