How to increase your height?

I was seriously embarrassed by my height as a young boy. I never grew much past 5 foot 8 inches and it caused me to miss out on much of the fun a growing teenager should have! However, a couple of years ago whilst I was a student, I researched the whole idea of “how to increase your height” and slowly found a few ways I could feel better and look a little taller. Fast forward a few years and I do definitely feel a little taller these days. Most of the changes I’ve made to my life now, are to do with diet, exercise and simple lifestyle changes.

Diet And Vitamins

This one is very iHow to increase your heightmportant, yet many people miss it in the quest for supplements and drugs to give them a growth spurt. A generally healthy diet will help you regenerate each night,
building new muscle and developing new bone structure. In addition to a generally healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, these vitamins and minerals will help you grow taller in different ways:

Vitamin D – Is important for strong bones and the further development of them. Increasing your intake will help anyone who’s under 25 as this is the time when bones are developing and growing to their full size. Even once over the age of 25, Vitamin D is still important for regenerating bones each night as you sleep, allowing you to maintain your current height.

Zinc – Is very important for the overall development and repair of a human body. For those of us who are looking to increase height, this means healthy bones and muscles too. Zinc can be found in most fruit and vegetables but you can also purchase it as a supplement in your local pharmacy.

Calcium – Your mother was right, milk will help you grow big and strong! Calcium helps to develop and repair bone structure, improving the size and strength of your body. If you’re serious about increasing your height then you need to increase your intake of dairy products, or taking a calcium tablet everyday.

Stretches And Exercise

This one was absolutely key for me. I took up Yoga quite early on in my quest to increase my height and discovered many of the poses are extremely useful for stretching out of the back muscles and adding a little height..

  • Overhead bars – Used by bodybuilders to build up muscle in their forearms and biceps, overhead bars also stretch out your shoulders too. By using a set of bars a few times a week, you can improve the strength of your upper body and improve your posture.
  • Yoga – Another exercise regime that helps improve posture, Yoga is a great way to strengthen your body and promote muscle growth that should help you stand for upright.
  • Swimming – Works in a very similar way to Yoga. Each time you swim, your body is forced to twist and move, stretching key muscle and joint groups. You’ll find that these groups develop over time, becoming stronger and helping you look slightly taller.

Sleep Helps Make You Taller Overnight

Believe it or not, our bodies shrink both during the day and throughout our lives, becoming shorter with age. Thankfully, I found a special weapon to slow this process and sometimes halt it too.

It’s called sleep!

Yes I know, sleep is what lazy people do, right? Well, actually it’s completely natural, plus during sleep, we re-develop our bones, joints and muscles, repairing the daily damage to ourselves and ensuring we wake up in better condition than we went to bed in. This extends to our height too, with the spine, muscle groups in our back and joints all getting a boost.

If you want to prove that sleep works, measure yourself just before you go to bed at night, then again when you wake up the next morning. Believe me, you’ll measure a good bit taller by morning, I’ve tried it myself! Sleep is so important now, I try to get at least 8 hours and on the weekends I crank up the sleep and try to get 10 hours of rest. This really does work!How to increase your height

Things To Stay
Away From

If you’re looking at how to increase your height or simply avoid yourself becoming shorter, there are many things you should stay well away from.
When it comes to increasing your height, it’s not just a simple case of taking vitamins or supplements, you need to learn to avoid certain habits or foods too.


I know, as a medical student this is the go to piece of advice for doctors all over the world, yet there’s very good reason why you should be cutting your smoking habit down to size if you’re attempting to grow taller.

  1. It stunts growth – This is a huge issue for small children, and it can have a huge impact on adults too. Smoking caused damage that stops your body growing full-stop, a disaster if your under 25 with a spine that’s still trying to develop.
  2. It reduces your ability to exercise – Another big issue, especially if you’re taking up swimming, yoga or training to increase your height. I advise quitting smoking completely, or at least trying to cut down, every little will help.

So, if you really, really want to grow a little taller and feel better, please quit smoking. You’ll thank me for it later!

Prescribed Drugs To Steer Clear Of

It’s not just smoking that will make your height gain regime droop, but other prescribed drugs could cause issues for you too.

  1. Steroids – Stunt growth in a similar way to smoking. Although steroids will help promote muscle growth, they damage other key areas of your body, negating any of the benefits they bring. If you take steroids for a medical condition, go and see your doctor before stopping.
  2. Viagra – Wow! You’d think this drug would help you grow, right? Well, sadly not. Research from Colorado University showed another issue will stunted growth after using Viagra extensively. This is why it’s not recommended for people under the age of 25.
  3. Marijuana – I know this drug is not medically classified everywhere, yet it’s so popular I carried out some research on it. Marijuana impacts your bodies repair mechanisms, stopping you from re-building your height overnight and also dampening the effect of any exercise routine. There are also further issues depending on if you smoke  Marijuana with Tobacco.

How to increase your height: Other Natural Ways

During my research, I discovered some really amazing ways on how to increase your height for good. All are completely natural and work with your body to promote bone, muscle and joint growth. There are also some special exercises you can do everyday to increase height, helping to grow taller over the space of 3 to 6 months. If you are interested check out this book. Its easy to read and lets you know all the things that work, plus all the stuff that’s useless.

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