How to grow taller in a week

How to grow taller in a week? Okay, I’m not even going to entertain this question!

Absolutely nothing in my research at medical school found your could improve your height within a week. Believe me, if this were possible, I would be the first guy doing it! However, that doesn’t mean growing taller isn’t something to completely give up on. By changing your routine, taking new form of exercise and changing up your diet, you can eventually improve your height and posture too( for the details click here!).

As for how long it will take, I found that over the course of 3 to 6 months I noticed myself feeling taller and carrying myself a little better. I personally think it’s down to much better posture (I used to slouch all day) and a small genuine increase in height too.

So no, it’s certainly not possible grow taller in a week, yet you can achieve great things over the course of a few months.


Is a very importHow To Grow Taller In A Weekant part of becoming fitter and trying to grow taller. You should try to include lots of stretching exercises, taking classes in Yoga or Pilates for good measure. Other, slightly less intensive exercises can work too. Swimming is perfect for gently stretching and exercising particular muscle groups and gently rotating joints that wouldn’t normally be moved. As for individual exercises that are useful, I found most Yoga exercises to be very useful including: The Cobra, Monkey Bars, Toe Touch, Crab, Pelvic Shift, Pilates Roll Over and Cat Stretch are all good exercises to perform a few times a week. As with all exercise regimes, consult your doctor before you begin.


During my research, I found a general healthy diet is important too. To really get stuck into your exercise regime you’ll need extra energy and vitality to maintain the lifestyle, making a diet rich in vegetables and fruit really important.

Don’t forget to eat some meats too, plus you should try to increase your intake of dairy products too as calcium is extremely important for bone growth and helping to develop the spine properly.

Whatever you do, try to steer clear of junk foods and processed items. The chemicals used whilst processing foods can have a detrimental effect on your height gain regime! I haven’t found any completely solid proof for this, but there is evidence that something bad happens when you eat processed food.

Extra Supplements

I’ve tried many supplements and vitamins whilst trying to gain height. As I said at the start, there’s no way you’ll be able to improve your height within a week. Yet you’ll get good results by sticking to an exercise plan for a number of months.

  • Vitamin D – For strong bone and joint growth. You’ll need this to repair the damage caused by exercise and to help boost your bodies ability to build extra height whilst sleeping.
  • Zinc – Similar to vitamin D, yet Zinc tends to help your entire body recover after exercise, perfect for helping you transition to your new exercise regime.
  • Calcium – Hopefully, your increased intake of dairy products should provide all the calcium yo need. However, if you can’t tolerate dairy products then you’ll need to supplement your intake.

Don’t Smoke Or Take Drugs

I’m gonna come straight out with this. Smoking will ruin your bodies ability to recover after exercise. It will also dampen your bodies ability to grow your bones and muscles properly.How To Grow Taller In A Week

If you’re a smoker right now, try and stop, period! If you’re struggling please get help from your doctor because the sooner you quit, the faster any exercise or diet will help you.

Whilst talking about drugs, I also discovered that other illegal drugs do more hard than good whilst researching how to grow taller in a week.

Marijuana can limit your bodies repair and growth capabilities, whilst using Tobacco as a method to smoke Marijuana can double the impact on your body.

Steroids are also a bad idea, good for muscle growth, certainly, but horrible for promoting bone growth and helping to improve height. You might find steroids actually makes you shorter!




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