How To Grow Taller After Puberty

You might ask yourself “ how to grow taller after puberty ”. As a student in his mid 20’s, I’ve personally suffered with this. Much of the average human bodies growth occurs during puberty, including spine, joints and the many muscle groups located in your lower and upper back.

However, it’s not a complete bust! I found that instead of promoting bone growth, you can turn your attention to stretching, repairing damaged tissue and improving your posture to to you the height you’ve always wanted.

Stretching Is Important

Whilst an overHow To Grow Taller After Pubertyall exercise regime is vitally important, stretching is the bit that will have a direct impact on your height overtime. It’s also the part of your routine that will improve posture, an easy win when you’re trying to improve your height after puberty.

I’d suggest taking a class in Yoga or Pilates early on in your height gain regime and ensuring you try to take it every week for maximum impact. Begin with exercises such as the wall stretch first, before moving onto more difficult exercises, such as the cat stretch, toe touching and cobra. If you believe you might have health issues that could impact your new exercise regime, please consult your doctor first.


Not quite as important for development as it might be in prepubescents, yet a healthy diet will help you give your exercises as much gusto as you can, helping them develop your muscles and joints faster.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are important, whilst making sure you eat plenty of meats and dairy is a good idea too. Don’t expect miracles from diet alone. As you’re past the point where bones are developing, your healthy diet is purely a way to improve your general health and hopefully give you everything you need to give your exercise regime your full commitment.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

This is important both during puberty and after. Sleep helps to repair your spinal joints, ensuring that any compression suffered during the day is repaired ready for the next day.

During sleep, your body repairs any damage suffered through the day, plus it also builds extra tissue to take into account the exercise (And further stress) your subjecting your body to. This is how bodybuilders develop muscles over time and how you’ll eventually develop new height.

I always advise 8 hours or more these days and if you can get 10 hours, you’re really going to do your body some good and help it maintain your current height.

Stay Away From Smoking

This is a no-brainer, smoking will stop your body re-building overnight, destroying your new regime whilst you sleep! Smoking will also have the opposite effect to the healthy diet you’ve just embarked on.

As for other types of drugs, steering clear of illegal types is obvious, yet I would always suggest going to see your doctor about any prescription medication you might be taking. Once you pass puberty, certain drugs you take might be very important to your health and well-being, even if they dampen your ability to increase your height.

As ever with healthy and well-being, it’s a balancing act that you’ll have to think long and hard about. If you are still wondering how to grow taller after puberty and you are looking for a natural method then check this out.

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