Best exercises to get taller

Feeling a little short? Want to improve your bone size, joint strength and muscle mass to grow taller and maintain your new height? These are all valid concerns, and as a medical student who also suffers with height issues, I know how important finding a solution can be.Even though most of the reason for your current height is genetic, I’ve found you can improve your size, posture and your bodies ability to at least repair lost height by carrying out some exercises to get taller.cobra pose exercise to get taller

Many of these postures come directly from Yoga, which I discovered a few years ago and really enjoy it. I don’t actually take Yoga classes any more, but I still perform many of the exercises they trained me to do.It really is quite fun and does seem to help improve my posture.

Here is a list of exercises to get taller:

The Pelvic Shift

This exercise, specifically targets the hips, lower back and all associated muscles to increase height. I like this exercise, as it really stretches my back muscl
es and spine, making me feel like I’m becoming slightly taller!

How To Do It:

  1. Lie on your back, try to relax your shoulders and rest them on the floor.
  2. Bend your knees and tuck your feet in as close to your backside.
  3. Eventually, you’ll feel the urge to raise your lower back. Do this in 20 second bursts.
  4. Repeat this 5 times.

The Cobra

Another Yoga inspired stretch, this time you’re targeting the middle and upper back. This exercise can be tough if you’re quite knew to it. It took me a few weeks to master the art of it.

How To Do It:

  1. Lie on your front with your arms and feet straight.
  2. You’ll feel your body stretch as your attempt to keep your arms and legs completely straight.
  3. Maintain this position, lightly stretched for 20 seconds.
  4. You should feel your abdominal muscles working hard to maintain this shape.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

Monkey Bar Hanging Exercises

I first discovered Monkey Bars whilst working out in my universities gym. Up until then, I had been doing the standard things: hand weights, lifting and jogging.

I believe monkey bars are a superb way to help stretch out the back and gain a little height. That’s why it’s been on my exercises for growing taller checklist for quite some time now.

How To Do It:

  1. Grip the monkey bar with both hands.
  2. Take the weight off your legs, placing it on your arms and the bar.
  3. Hang on the bar for a period of 15-30 seconds.
  4. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Once you master the art of this exercise, you should consider adding weights to your legs to continue strengthening your back and arms. I got mine at my local thrift store although I’ve seen them in stores like Wallmart and Costco too.


I don’t swim as much as I used to, partly because there’s no swimming pool in my home town. (I know, it’s lame!) However, I love swimming because it tends to exercise muscle groups and joints that never really get any attention during standard gym exercise.

I’m not going to say that swimming is the perfect exercise for gaining height, but it’s nice to take part in and does help some of your joints to become more fluid. I think it improved my posture too.

The Cat Stretch

exercises to get taller

If you own a cat, you’ll have seen your moggy perform this almost daily. It’s the equivalent to us having a good stretch after sleeping or lying down. I still do this exercise 3 times a week for all the same reasons I continue with my Yoga. You can really feel your back stretching out with this exercise!


How To Do It:

  1. Rest on your knees, whilst placing the palms of your hands on the floor.
  2. Stretch your back in the air, exhaling as you do so.
  3. Try to maintain your head in an upright positions as you do this, it helps with the stretch.
  4. Hold this position for about 10 – 20 seconds.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

The Wall Stretch

This is an easy exercise to perform, something that helped me get started when I was an exercise virgin! It’s perfect for those people who might struggle with some of the other exercises in this list.

  1. Stand against a wall, completely upright.
  2. Raise your arms up, stretching them lightly.
  3. Arch your back, continuing the stretch. Use the wall for support.
  4. Hold this position for 10 – 20 seconds.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

Touch Your Toes

Okay, I don’t expect you to complete this exercise straight away. It took me a solid 2 months of stretching before I could finally pull it off! When you do get there however, it’s a great feeling as you begin to see the benefits or using the monkey bars and stretching your body out.

How To Do It:

  1. Sit on an exercise matt.
  2. Stretch your arms out.
  3. Attempt (Yet don’t push your body too far) to touch your toes whilst keeping your legs straight.
  4. However far your can reach, hold this for 10 – 20 seconds.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

The most important thing with the toe touch, is not to push your body too far. Like I said, it took me a good 2 months to perfect this and I would say giving yourself 2 to 3 months is a great goal to work towards.

The Butterfly

A nice exercise that should suit people just starting out with their fitness routine. The Butterfly is similar to the wall stretch, working your core muscles and upper back instead.

This is another pose that my Yoga trainer taught me quite early on. It’s a great starter pose and although you don’t feel your back stretching out as with some other types of exercise, you do feel better afterwards.

How To Do It:

  1. Stand against a wall, heels together and arms rested.
  2. Arch your back, stretching your arms out to your front.
  3. Rotate your arms, mimicking the outline of a butterfly wing.
  4. Feel the stretch in your arms, upper back and shoulder muscles.
  5. Do this in 10 – 20 second bursts.
  6. Repeat 5 times.

And Then I Took Up Pilates

Another type of exercise, similar to Yoga in many respects, is Pilates. Believe it or not, Pilates has actually been around now for about 100 years – even if it feels like a fad, it’s most certainly not! I took Pilates up as a friend in Yoga class recommended it to me. It’s pretty similar to Yoga and has many of the stretching and height exercises that Yoga has.Although I can’t say for certain Pilates improved my height outright, it’s certainly improved my posture and for that alone I’m really please I discovered it.

Anything Else I Did?

I’ve tried lots of different methods over the years. And spent hours perfecting exercises to get taller too! But exercises alone are not enough to increase your height. I can recommend this guide. Its really complex, basicly covers everything. Exercises, dietary supplements and also individual vitamins and minerals that appear to help.

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