First of all, welcome to my website.

I was a suffer of height issues growing up. I realise exactly what it’s like to be short in a world where everyone else appears 6 feet tall! (We’ll that’s how it felt to me anyway). Eventually, after I began university as a medical student, I decided to stop pitying myself for being short and try to discover if it was genuinely possible to grow taller. What I found was amazing. I discovered that whatever your age, you can make an impact on your height and even if you don’t gain another 10 inches, you can improve your height in small increments.Eventually, I started to document all my discoveries. Listing them down one by one until I had quite a large book filled will natural ways to help improve your height.

Many of my findings have been in the areas of diet, exercise and simple lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking. However, I discovered many other interesting things too.

As for me, I’ve gained height over the past few years and also have much more confidence to show for it. My posture is perfect (Thanks Yoga) and as anyone who’s embarked on a healthy diet will tell you, the benefits quickly outweigh the difficulties following it.

If you want to ask any questions, please feel free to message me.