Is it possible to grow taller?

Height is important in our world, especially when you are a man. That may not be a politically correct thing to say or write about, but it does ring true. And if your height does not conform to the 5 ‘6” – 5”10” rule, then you may find challenging, and not necessarily exciting, times ahead of you. There are plenty of good reasons why many of us, men and women, want to grow taller and looks for solutions like “how can I get taller”.

The origin of the importance of height

First of all, let us accept one sobering reality. People that we meet do go by first impressions. It may not sound logical or even right, but again this is what happens in everyday life. As soon as you meet someone for the first time, he or she immediately forms an impression of you. They look at the way you dress, how you talk, how you move, what kind of clothes you are wearing, does your make-up make you look more attractive (if you’re a woman), do you move in confideHow to increase your heightnce and with style, etc.

One criteria is height. Simply put, they look at you if you are tall, average in height, or short. What does that have to do with making impressions on anybody? A lot, as we are going to find out below.

Now let’s go to the 5 ‘6’ to 5 ‘10’ rule. If you’re a Caucasian, the average height is 5 ‘6’ for women and 5’10’ for men. Asians’ height vary: women can be as ‘short’ (shorter than Caucasians anyway) as 4” 11” and still be considered average, which is actually 5’4’. An Asian woman who is 5’6’and above would be considered for a modeling job. Asian men have an average height of 5’5’ and 5’7’ to 5’9’ is considered respectable.

Height matters to both men and women especially if you are into the dating scene. Women may talk poetic about liking guys for their character, strength, passion, and protectiveness, but their first biological reaction is to choose a guy who is taller than her over a short guy. Yes, we’ve had the Tom Cruises and Nicole Kidmans of this world (for a time anyway), and Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino have squired many beautiful ladies around, much taller than they, before they eventually settled down or had a long-term relationship with one. But those are the exceptions.

Take a look at the people in y our neighborhood, office, place of work, and wherever else you go to. Check out the heterosexual couples. Safe to say, nine out of ten would have the man taller than the woman. This goes back to our biology and our genetic make-up which stem from our caveman ancestry millions of years ago. Forget contemporary culture, feminism, and equality. Back then, men were the one who hunted for sport and brought in dead animals that their women would cook. The women would stay in the caves or in what passed for a farm, took care of the kids, planted and nurtured the plants, and prepared the hunt that the men brought home for dinner.

It all sounds like pre-history but those genes are still alive and working in our DNA today. The men were looked up to and appreciated because of their physical strength, their prowess in the hunt, and how much food they can bring home. And while they were not hunting for food, the men built their shelters and saw to it that their tribes were safe from dangers ranging from storms to invading armies.

All that built an in-built mechanism that is very much active in the modern man and woman. And again, it does not matter if a woman of today is outearning her husband. ‘Protectiveness’ , ‘strength,’ ‘provider,’ ‘muscle,’ ‘safety’ – all that is encoded in the DNA of a man, and both genders know it. Women tend to rely on men for protectiveness and safety while the man feels fulfilled in giving it.

How does this relate to becoming tall? It’s simple. Regardless of her social status, educational background, or intellectual capacity, a woman who checks out a tall man instinctively feels protected. Height is related to physical strength and the capacity to protect. Men also want to feel possessive of their women and it is natural for them to put their arms around their wives and girlfriends in support, love, and, yes, protectiveness.

Can you imagine a short guy who is 5’3’ putting his arm around a woman taller than she is, say 5 ‘6’? It’s awkward, isn’t? That short guy, naturally, would want to grow taller.

Height and status

A taller height can also open doors which may not be accessible to the shorter people. Rant and rave about prejudice and insensitivity, but no amount of picketing and protesting can force a basketball coach to hire someone below the team’s prescribed height. Put a 5’3’ guy amidst other players who have a height from 5 ‘10’ to 6’5’ and there are very good chances that the team would lose.

The military requires a certain height from its recruits because a taller man can be in a better position to take the right shots and develop muscles that can protect his friend during an all-out brawl.

Meantime, if you’re a woman, a tall height can give you an advantage if you want to have a career as a commercial model.

Sales people, marketing executives, and corporate leaders enjoy the same advantage if they are tall. Tall people project an imposing figure that compels people to look at them and listen to them. They look like they own the room and the meeting. By simply taking up space, they command attention and they do look commanding.

The importance of height to a career is not just popular convention. In a report written by the Telegraph, a study by the London Guildhall University did indicate that tall men earn a lot more than their shorter colleagues. The study surveyed 11,000 men who were 33 years old. Regardless of position, tall men earn 15 percent more than short men.

Height does matter – especially to image, influential decision-makers, and eventually, job promotion.

How can I get taller

Take a look at the market today and you will find many techniques and so-called cures that claim to make you grow taller.

Elevator shoes and shoe lifts can make you grow taller, but artificially. They don’t add an organic inch to your body but they can temporarily elevate you by a few inches when you wear them. Wear elevator shoes and you’ll suddenly find yourself standing a bit taller and more confident. The beauty of elevator shoes is that they look normal on the outside – but the lift happens in the interior of the shoe, through the soles that pad your feet. The same technique is applied to shoe lifts. The design that makes you grow taller happens within the interior of the shoes. But outside, the shoes look it possible to get taller

What is ingenious about this is that nobody will suspect you are either wearing elevator shoes or using shoe lifts. Shoe lifts, though, have to be replaced every month because of their effect on your feet. In a sense, that makes it more expensive.

While elevator shoes are safe, they are temporary and are not part of your body. Wouldn’t you want to grow naturally? Wouldn’t a taller height that is natural and normal make your newfound tallness a part of you?

Leg-lengthening surgery is, in a sense, organic but it costs more and takes a longer time to recover. Basically, the doctor breaks your shin bones and puts in a metallic rod, attaches it to your skeletal structure, and pulls them up to make you actually taller. Your skin, bone, and other parts of the body will grow around the rod, fleshing them out.

While this is more organic, you will need months of physical therapy just to get used to your new legs. The average cost of a leg-lengthening surgery is $80,000 in the U.S. You can get cheaper operational procedures outside the country but the safety risks might be greater. How can i get taller without paying thousands of dollar?

You can get taller – faster, safer, and healthier

Now after reading this, you may be shaking your head and thinking to yourself, “OK, I get all that. I understand and I agree.” And if you are a man who is from 5”1” to 5”4” in size, you might even be rolling your eyes and saying, “Tell me something I don’t know. I’ve gotten flack for being short all my life. Girls ignore me and my bosses always send the tall hotshots to the important meetings.”

Now if you’re really feeling under the collar, you’d be tempted to jab a finger at this blog and say, “I’m stuck with this lousy height, and I just have to deal with it. I don’t want to wear those fake elevator shoes and I don’t have the time or money to go through the leg-lengthening surgery.”

That’s where you’re wrong. You can get taller – faster, safer, and healthier. You can grow three inches in less than a month.

That is not fantasy or hearsay. A new product is out in the market that has helped infused hope into what many people have thought was a hopeless situation.

More than 194,000 satisfied customers in 174 countries stand by the result. One man grew four inches in two months. Another shorter guy became as tall as his 5’10’ best friend during the same period of time. Another younger basketball player was turned down when he tried out to join the college team because he needed four inches to meet the prescribed status; he got those four inches in six months.How can i get taller

And it’s not just the men. One lady who had been suffering depression for years because of her short size grew four inches in two months. Her confidence also rose and now she can interact and deal with other people socially in a very comfortable level.

All these cases have been documented. It’s a make-your-height-increase program called GrowTaller4Idiots. It applies to both men and women, young and old, and answers the question, how can i get taller.

How to increase your height program:

This is what the  program will give you, and just for a start:

  • Sizable physical growth from two to four inches in just eight to twelve weeks
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This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Taller4Idiots program will give you secrets that can empower you to get your desired height.

Think about it. No more shyness in approaching girls. No need to feel insecure when you have to make a presentation. Feel the power to command a room. Exude that self-confidence, basking in the power of your new physicality. And, yes, relish your newfound attractiveness.

Darwin the inventor of this program claims that almost 200,000 people had their lives changed for the better because this program made them taller. He himself is a living testimony. He has gotten a better job, had seen his career advance, and finally gotten married to the woman he loves. This Darwin is a more confident, stronger, and more emotionally equipped person than the insecure person who would spend hours in a gym building muscle.

This is your chance to change your life, and get the height you have always wanted. You can do it in a few months, without breaking your back or your bank account.

The benefit you get from this program will last you a lifetime, without side effects. You can get taller without spending exorbitant amounts of money on techniques that don’t work. But Grow Taller4Dummies is the answer to your height challenge. Click here to learn more.